Gift Giving Guide for the Scientist, Early Adopter, Maker, or Technology Enthusiast

A list of some of my favorite finds and DIY builds from 2014 and, even, a couple from 2013.  Let’s face it, new gadgets and interactive devices are fun! There’s a thrill when you first create or find something that expands on an idea or surprises you with what’s possible. I avidly seek out new tech gadgets, toys, games, and useful things.

  •  Ubooly
  • Anki drive
  • 3D printers
  • Fritz Robot
  • Drones – Quadricopters (with 3D file links for useful prints)
  • Augmented Reality Sand box (DIY project)
  • Makey makey (kickstarter)
  • Sphero (Giving them this year!!!)
  • Kano (Giving this year!!! – Kickstarter)

Some other favorites and gadgets to come

  • Skylanders
  • 3Doodler (kickstarter)
  • WakaWaka (kickstarter)
  • uKeg(kickstarter)
  • Coolest Cooler (kickstarter)
  • Calamityware (kickstarter)
  • Sit Smart (kickstarter)
  • ….More to come…..

Many of these goodies came from Kickstarter projects (I’ve supported over 35 successful projects so far!) and others are DIY projects that inspired me, or my family, to make in our garage. All of them have been fun from the start!

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